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Application Open for the 2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange

Homeless service providers in the US can now apply to participate in the 2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange! The Exchange is an exciting opportunity for mid-level homeless service providers. Participants spend up to two weeks studying and learning about a specific […]

Insights on Homelessness from Across the Pond

This year five homeless service providers from the United States, and five from the United Kingdom had the opportunity to study an innovative practice on the other side of the Atlantic. The experience is fascinating and eye-opening for all of […]

Five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing

In our last blog from the Rapid Re-Housing Works campaign, we talked about the five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing that were discussed at our recent Rapid Re-Housing Leadership Summit. But what are these strategies, and why do they matter? The […]

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