The Action Jackson Foundation is broken up into 5 different operations. Each operation is unique and provides a service to help better our communities. We provide life-changing resources to those who have fallen upon hard times or those who fall short of making ends meet. We are grateful to be invited into the various communities that we serve and work side-by-side with local leaders and like-minded individuals, responding to the needs of those who reach out for assistance.



Our most effective outreach tool is our Curbside Consumption operation.  Each month we provide hot meals, personal hygiene items and informational cards about our organization to the local public.  This allows us to interact with our targeted population in an unobtrusive or threatening manner.  AJF staff along with volunteers work to establish a respectful and trusting relationship with those we serve.  Once a rapport is established, we can document pertinent information from participating veterans.  Each veteran completes a questionnaire with the help of AJF team members.  This questionnaire allows staff to identify areas of need for the veteran. An action plan is developed which allows us to scope and direct resources in an effective and efficient manner. 

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TIME, TALENT, OR TREASURE! Everyone has at least one of these traits. The AJF is always looking for individuals to make a difference. 

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(Veterans Edifying Together) 

Operation V.E.T. consists of various counseling and basic life-skill classes, which is designed to assist veterans in becoming self-sufficient. Veterans that complete the required training, are educated on benefits they are entitled to, and become more competitive in the job market. By providing these services, our veterans are given a more successful chance at life outside of the military. 


Operation Solace is a program that provides financial help to those in times of emergencies.  Whether it’s a national disaster, unexpected car expenses, or just financial hardship, The Action Jackson Foundation will aid those who meet the criteria for help. 


Operation Youth Replenishment was design to assist youth who suffer from food insecurities by providing a seven day food supply. The main focus of this program is to provide nutritionally rich meals for those in need. By providing this support, our youth can focus more on academics to prepare them for their roles as our future leaders.


Operation Community Warriors is a rapid deployment response program geared to support our First Responders and other Emergency Aid Support Workers. Through this operation, The AJF will provide hot meals to the brave men and women who risk their lives for others during times of natural disasters.