Your donation will help us continue to connect to some of the world's bravest individuals that has fallen upon hard times. Your support will allow us to provide services to a multitude of individuals needing assistance.


This donation method is used to help fund the five different programs operated by The AJF. 

  • Operation Curbside Consumption

  • Operation Community Warriors

  • Operation Solace

  • Operation V.E.T.

  • Operation Youth Replenishment


This donation method is used to make a contribution towards The AJF operational costs. We fund this organization through fundraising and private donations. All uncovered costs are supplemented by our retirement and disability pensions because we feel so strongly about helping our fellow Brothers and Sisters at Arms who have fallen upon hard times.


This donation method is used to make a contribution towards a particular fundraising event that The AJF is hosting. Details will be published about the various fundraisers that is conducted throughout the year. This link will be utilized to purchase tickets, admissions, fundraising event sponsorships, and anything else related to the fundraising event.

The AJF is a proud member of Amazon Smile. A portion of your purchase will help benefit this foundation. Register Today!